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Opportunities Arise

The cost of healthcare is rising.


The cost of medical education is rising.


The global intellectual capability is growing exponentially.


We must disrupt old ways of thinking about healthcare delivery and medical education…and set the stage for a more sustainable health sector for the future.


Technology gives us tremendous power to automate tasks and simplify complex procedures. With new technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality on the horizon, hospitals, medical schools, industries, and individual healthcare providers are looking to tech companies to solve many healthcare-related problems.

How PlacerTech Fits In

PlacerTech is a tech company built on the hearts and minds of medical professionals.


We’re breaking new ground to invest in, create, support, and advise tech companies with projects focused on healthcare and medical education.


Together, we can work to achieve the technology that will dramatically change the look and cost of healthcare for generations to come.

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