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Projects Happening Now


Getting in touch with your doctor to get answers should be swift and simple.  Especially if the vast majority of questions asked by patients to their physician are typical of the  "frequently asked questions" variety where a doctor specific but not a patient-specific answer is the norm.   

PlacerTech is building a machine learning, an artificially intelligent medical bot that can answer patient questions instantaneously and are completely tailored to the patient's individual physician's practice and recommendations.  

Upcoming modules will include full telephone capability and more! 

Imagine your surgeon has spent hours practicing the exact surgery he’s about to perform on you…but in a virtual reality environment. And the virtual demo he used was an exact digital replica of your anatomy.


Would you feel more comfortable about your surgery?


This is exactly what we’re working towards.


Using virtual reality software, we’re creating digital replicas of the middle and inner ear. The starting goal is to use these replicas to educate new surgeons.


But the potential to scale this technology for a real surgery isn’t far away. Once in place, we believe digital replicas via virtual reality could dramatically reduce adverse outcomes related to surgery and give surgeons clear anatomical roadmaps before surgery.


PROJECTS and Ideas in the Works

Augmented Reality

While virtual reality is a fully-immersive digital experience, augmented reality allows you to preserve your natural view—but overlays it with visual data.


The possibilities are limitless. Even something as simple as seeing real-time patient vital signs (such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation) through a pair of augmented reality glasses can give surgeons quick feedback during critical procedures.


Augmented reality can provide greater control and autonomy during critical procedures across many healthcare specialties.

Robots in Surgery

Since 2000, many successful surgeries have been performed by surgeon-guided robots. This has been a giant leap forward for greater precision during surgery—but more remains to be done.


What if we could bring this robotic technology to other surgical specialties—such as plastic surgery? Or have a robotic machine fully perform minor outpatient surgeries with almost no need for any staff in the actual surgery room?


These are palpable ideas we’re seeking to turn into a reality.

Tech and Healthcare

Although tech advances such as electronic medical records and high-definition video endoscopy have changed the way we deliver healthcare—there’s still plenty of opportunity for greater efficiency.


For example, video chat platforms such as Skype and FaceTime have vastly enhanced our ability to engage over long distances compared to telephone calls and text messages. Imagine a world where you can meet with your doctor over a video call and provide almost everything she needs to deliver a diagnosis or request further work-up—right in the comfort of your own home.


No more urgent care visits, no more waiting in long lines…true primary care from home.


This is just one-way PlacerTech is imagining a future where healthcare and tech unite to deliver efficient care.

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