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Theres Never Been A Better Time to Invest in Your Practice

The medical aesthetics industry is seeing a boost thanks in part to the overnight popularity (or, rather, necessity) of video chat applications like Zoom. Combine that with newfound downtime for thousands of workers who are no longer commuting to the office, and you've got yourself a record-setting trend. (WAPO, Plastic Surgeons Say Business is Up)

Anecdotal evidence from around the country suggests that a huge number of Americans are seeing themselves reflected back on a computer screen, and not liking what they see. Even more important, for those busy beavers who never had a week off, let alone a whole life conducted from their living room, suddenly taking a day or two off to even out those frown-lines doesn't seem so bad.

Jon Mendelsohn, director of the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Cincinnati, said that Botox and other injectable procedures were up 90 percent since this time last year. And Dr. Jason Champagne from California provides a reason why, "we are not accustomed to seeing our selves while in conversation with others...people are paying attention to their [faces]...while speaking." That is pushing many towards making changes.

But with this rise in procedures, it can be hard to schedule an appointment, or even simply reach a provider to ask a question.

That's where AESTHETI.BOT comes in.

Many providers around the country are searching for ways to lighten the load on their workforce. Aestheti.Bot is designed to do just that.

Aestheti.Bot's intuitive AI and cutting edge Natural Language Processing core create real life conversations from thousands of topic options to answer current or prospective patient questions and funnel them towards booking an appointment or consultation.

Even better? Aestheti.Bot's simple user interface, and customizable response options means cookie cutter responses are gone! In their place stand context-based answers and specific information relevant to your practice and the needs of your current or prospective patients.

Finally, Aestheti.Bot can save hundreds of hours of staff-time annually. In so doing, our Bot transforms inquirers into clients and saves you thousands of dollars a year by freeing staff up to handle what they were trained for - helping your patients.

To learn more find us at or follow us on Facebook and on Youtube!

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