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Why 2021 Will be the Year of the Chatbot

Chatbots have been around sine the 60s when ELIZA was developed before the days of the internet. Now, decades later, the use of conversational chatbots is reaching an all time high. Chatbots are everywhere and, looking into 2021, the industry is poised to boom as businesses around the world are ready to put them to work to provide around the clock support to customers.

Let's take a look at ways chatbots are revolutionizing consumer interaction and reimagining healthcare:

  1. 80% of companies plan on launching some form of a chatbot in the new year!

  2. 85% of online interactions with businesses will be handled without a human agent by the end of 2021!

  3. Even more importantly, users are happy to interact with bots - as of 2017 34% of internet users preferred to communicate with AI-Chatbots, and that number is expected to increase dramatically with the proliferation of chatbot tech!

  4. Finally, $8 Billion worth of business costs will be reduced by chatbots by 2022!

How Aestheti.Bot is taking Advantage of 2021

In the healthcare space, we designed Aestheti.Bot to take advantage of exactly these opportunities.

Aestheti.Bot has been created to catch consumers where they need it - the front page of practice websites. Once we have their attention, and should they need our support, we've designed our software with tens of thousands of responses based on FAQ's asked of, and procedures performed by, your practice. The responses our bot gives are customizable by your practice, and our bot remembers return users, keeps track of the information they share, and sends first names and emails to your practice to expand your email lists.

Even more important is what Aestheti.Bot does for your staff! By taking care of the routine questions, mundane scheduling, and constant phone calls usually handled by practice managers, nurses and staff, Aestheti.Bot allows professionals to handle what they were trained for - taking care of patients! Not only does that translate to better client experiences but it also saves practices money by limiting the workload of each staffer.

We can't do it all, but Aestheti.Bot is primed to help where we can to keep Aesthetic Medicine on the cutting edge!

In creating a first of its kind and state of the art chatbot, Aestheti.Bot is capitalizing on the amazing opportunities for 2021 chatbot growth and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you!

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