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Reimagining Healthcare with Aestheti.Bot

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

“AI is not a doctor, AI is not a cure, AI is a tool... increasingly embedded in everything for the benefit of the patient”—Keith Bigelow, Fmr. General Manager, GE Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence for the Medical Aesthetics industry

Artificial intelligence has been leveraged by industries across the world to streamline customer experiences and cut costs. For years, AI chatbots have been used by retailers, social media companies, and financial institutions.

But what can AI-driven-chatbots do to reimagine healthcare communications?

Let's take a look:

  1. reduce healthcare professionals workload

  2. reduce money spent on uneccesary visits, treatments, and tests

  3. increase healthcare accessibility at the push of a button

By harnessing the power of AI to create life-like, responsive, and carefully tailored chatbots to the needs of patients and providers, this technology could save millions while generating hundreds, if not thousands, of new leads per month for practices.

Here's the truth: chatbots cannot replace a doctor's expertise, neither can they take over patient care; however, "combining the best of both worlds improves the efficiency of patient care delivery, simplifying and fast-tracking care without compromising quality." (

That's where Aestheti.Bot comes in

Looking to develop a chatbot targeted to the needs of the Medical Aesthetics industry, the team at AesthetiSuite by PlacerTech has lead the charge towards creating the premiere Aesthetic Medicine chatbot.

Our chatbot uses Natural Language Processing and a state of the art platform that combines peak customer service with 24/7, fully customizable replies, in order to provide tailored, natural sounding conversations.

With Aestheti.Bot your practice can free up valuable staff time, increase the accessibility of your business, and generate new leads for your practice.

Onboarding is simple. Customization is the goal. And quality lead generation is the norm.

To learn more find us at or follow us on Facebook and Youtube!

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