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How to Tell if You Need Aestheti.Bot for Your Practice

There are 230,000 doctors offices in the United States.

84% of those have more than one doctor working within the same practice or location.

According to the CDC there are more than 880 million doctors visits each year.

That makes for about 278 visits for every 100 people in this country.

And yet, despite the obvious necessity of good and accessible healthcare, Doctors still spend hundreds of hours per year answering the same questions, triaging the same symptoms, and giving out the same information to patient after patient.

Our AI enabled, machine-learning and natural language processing-Bot, Aestheti.Bot, is designed to handle exactly this issue.

BUT: how do you know if your practice is right for our software, Aestheti.Bot.

We've created this simple guide to help you decide:

Do you have a website?

Aestheti.Bot is designed to work on your office website. Our integration is seamless, onboarding is simple, and our aesthetic can be adjusted to fit the style of your site. Already we have Bots live on leading facial plastic surgeon sites like Dr. Paul Nassif's and Gotham Plastic Surgery!

If you have a website, our Bot can Help!

Do you have someone answering phones and responding to patient inquiries?

Let's face it, because of the prevalence of patient requests, questions, and concerns, almost all practices are now faced with the reality of having to hire extra staff to handle this influx. It's estimated that over 250 hours/year are spent simply answering questions that patients have!!

We know those fall into 4 main categories:

a) scheduling, b) practice information, c) inquries, d) post-op care instructions

That's why we created Aestheti.Bot. Our chatbot is preloaded with over twenty-thousand responses to save your staff time, and your practice money!

Don't want to deal with FAQs again? Our Bot can help!

Have other Chatbot services provided you too little leeway and customization?

We know this marketplace. Too many companies are out there to nickel and dime you into just a couple dozen automated responses with little recognition of patient requests or concerns.

We crafted Aestheti.Bot to quite the scammers, and highlight what is possible with carefully crafted AI and natural language Processing.

Our bot is Fully customizable, operates on a machine-learning and natural language processing base (which just means its smart as hell and doesn't sound like a robot), and operates on a month-to-month platform so that if it doesn't work out, we'll get right out of your hair!

Have Other chatbots brought you stress? Our Bot can Help!

Lastly, do you want to bring your practice into the future?

With experts in the field of Aesthetic medicine leading the charge into the field of artificial intelligence for medicine, now is the time to enter the next generation of lead generation and patient service software. Don't wait for the field to eclipse you, join the future NOW by equipping your site with our state of the art bot.

Looking to leverage a multi-billion dollar industry and join the future of medical Tech?

Our Bot can Help!

To Learn more find us at

And make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube!

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