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Do What you Love - Let Us Handle the Rest

Our Founder, Dr. Philip Miller, operates on one simple principle - "If you can use technology to save time, it will allow you to do more of what you love."

He's applied that to Aesthetic Medicine throughout his career, championing one of the the world's first "Smart" operating rooms in the early 2000s, designing and implenting specialized surgical tools, and putting practice management technology to work for his team to make sure they operate at peak efficiency around the clock.

When Dr. Miller started PlacerTech, and launched AesthetiSuite, his goal was to bring this passion to other M.D.s.

At AesthetiSuite, we strive to provide innovative and unique technological solutions for managing aesthetic practices and exceptional patient experiences.

Aestheti.Bot, more than an innovation in its own right, is an extension of Dr. Miller's effort to allow staff to focus on what they love, their patients, while allowing technology to catapult practices to their highest potential.

Ultimately, it is about marrying the opportunity of this century and this moment in technological progress, and the ever-present needs of the healthcare industry to provide for patients in a way that maximizes outcomes and minimizes stress and anxiety.

The PlacerTech team invested our time in Aestheti.Bot so that it can manage the FAQs, scheduling, and lead generation for you. Saving you and your practice time and money.

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