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Our Founder

Dr. Philip Miller is a facial plastic surgeon,  innovator and entrepreneur  who has been consistently voted among the Best Doctors in America since 2007 , listed as a Top Doctor of New York in New York Magazine and regularly invited to lecture worldwide. 


His is passionate for utilizing the latest technology to constantly improve his patient’s results and experience.   For example, during one difficult surgical case he envisioned an instrument that would be of great assistance.  After the case, he drew it in detail, had it drawn in CAD, uploaded to an online 3-D printing company, and within one week, he had a stainless steel prototype that he was testing in the operating room. One year later, he received his first patent.


An early adopter, Dr. Miller’s state of the art operating room built in 2004, was equipped with then unheard of  electronic medical records, IP cameras, and voice-to-text dictation technology.


His tech-savvy vision combined with his expert medical knowledge makes him a critical visionary at PlacerTech.

Learn more about Dr. Miller at

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